Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a new model of consuming and delivering IT services. Cloud computing comes into focus when business needs a way to increase capacity on the fly without capital investments in additional hardware. Cloud computing encompasses any subscription-based or pay-per-use service that, in real time over the Internet, extends IT's existing capabilities. Cloud Strategy We help customers to meet their dynamic business demands and find solution to major concerns like:
•On what computing resources should the business be running?
•Computing infrastructure strategy / IaaS
•What tools should be used to build and run custom solutions?
•Application platform strategy / PaaS
•How should we mix custom and off-the-shelf solutions?
•Solution portfolio management / SaaS
Cloud Migration We can provide a migration strategy for your IT infrastructure to move to the cloud one step at a time. This includes application servers, database servers, mail servers and back-up servers. Cloud migration services are split into three: •From Internet to Internet - We migrate your application from dedicated hosting solution to the cloud.
•Enterprise applications to cloud
•eCommerce systems, basic websites and portals to cloud
•From Intranet to Internet - We help you to move from your in-house IT infrastructure to the cloud.
•From Intranet to Intranet - We assist you to form your own private cloud and help you to migrate.
Mobile Cloud Mobile Cloud Computing is the usage of Cloud Computing in combination with mobile devices. Both data storage and data processing happen outside the mobile device. Stegoc over the last three years has built extensive set of mobile applications for both enterprise and small business sectors. We continue to deliver robust mobile applications to our customers with cloud as the back-end platform. From a consumer’s point-of-view, a cloud-based mobile application can be any app similar to a website where the processing power is driven not from the handheld device, but from the cloud. Cloud Integration For cloud applications to offer maximum value to their users, they need to provide a simple mechanism to import or load external data, export or replicate their data for reporting or analysis purposes, and to keep their data synchronized with on-premise applications. We offer integration services between on-premise and cloud-based applications. We at Stegoc provide Integration as a Service and Amazon provides Infrastructure as a Service.