Google has revolutionized the smart phone industry with its Android Operating System. Android is an open platform with the philosophy "all applications are created equal", which means Android does not distinguish between core and third-party applications. An Android app can seamlessly integrate features available on the phone like camera, contacts, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer etc with data from the web. Android was created to run on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to tablets and does a good job of not making too many assumptions about the underlying hardware. At Stegoc, we have been in the forefront of Android based application development ever since it launched. We are familiar with most of the APIs offered by the Android SDK. capture charges while doing the rounds. Another app detects the user's current location through GPS and changes their profile settings if you want to automatically change to vibrate mode when entering your office. Our expertise spans the following areas: • Syncing of local data with remote database • Web service integration • Interfacing with the phone through the SDK: camera, contacts SMS, MMS, calls, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer • Tight integration with Google products like Maps, Docs, GMail etc • Services and background processing • Applications requiring push notifications To summarize, we have expertise in almost all areas of Android. So if you want to create the next world-changing app, get in touch with us.